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Medical Abortion Pill ru-486

The medical abortion pill (RU-486, or mifeprex) is a very good option for early abortions. There are many advantages and conveniences to the medical pill. It allows pregnancy termination without surgery.

Surgical abortion has various risks. Although uncommon, such events can and do rarely occur. Even though the abortion pill has risks as well, they are less than with the surgery. That’s because the medication does not require an invasive procedure.

Other than having fewer risks, the medical option has the great advantage of allowing greater control and privacy. The patient has the convenience of passing the pregnancy in the comfort of home instead of in the clinic. Choosing when and where to take the medicine has the psychological benefit of placing some of the control back in the patient’s hands. Some women that need to terminate are unfortunately in a state of stress since the pregnancy was not intentional. The abortion pill allows women to take back some of that control.

The ru486 has certain rare risks as well. They include the possibilities of infection and bleeding excessively. The main downside with this choice is that it is not as effective as a surgical abortion.

Mifeprex is FDA approved for use up to 7 weeks of pregnancy, as counted from the last menstrual period. In common practice, we have found that mifeprex is effective up to 9 weeks. Unfortunately, after 9 weeks the ru486 is no longer an option. After that time, the only choice to abort a pregnancy is by surgical procedure. For that reason, it is always best to be seen as soon as possible if you are contemplating an abortion. The sooner you are seen and know exactly how far you are, the more time you have to consider your choices.

If you are thinking about ending the pregnancy, give us a call at (714) 966-9883 to schedule an appointment. We will perform an ultrasound to check the age of the pregnancy and discuss your options.

If you need to further consider it, you may do so and return if and when ready. If you want to have the pill or surgery that day, we can accommodate you as well. Remember, the choice is always yours.