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Timing of an Abortion

No woman plans to have an abortion. However, when unplanned circumstances arise, sometimes ending the pregnancy becomes the only appropriate option. It takes much thought and soul searching to reach a decision. For some, it is much harder than for others and so more time is needed to finalize that choice. Obviously, once an unplanned pregnancy arises, the sooner one terminates it the safer it will be for the woman. This is reflected in the fact that by far, the vast majority of terminations occur before 9 weeks, making it easier and safer. However, for one reason or another, late first trimester and even second trimester abortions are sometimes needed and performed. This is not to say that second trimester abortions should not be performed, but that we should strive to minimize the need for them.

There are three major reasons that a woman would delay ending a pregnancy.

We as abortion providers have a responsibility to ensure that women can obtain abortion services quickly, comfortably, safely, and without judgement.

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