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Coping With Life After an Abortion

Once a woman chooses to have an abortion, her emotions regarding the situation are completely her own. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of women who are available to act as mentors. Not everyone is open about their individual experiences, and of those who are, it is rare to find a woman who will discuss it publicly. So how are we supposed to feel afterwards when there are so few acceptable examples available? The truth is that each woman’s experience is completely unique. Her choice is personal, and how she deals with it is also personal. There’s no doubt that in one way or another, an abortion is a very significant experience for a woman. How each woman handles her choice will be completely unique.

Make an informed and healthy decision

The worst thing that you can do is choose to follow a path because it’s what other people want for you. After all, you are the one that has to live with your decision. Many people will tell you how you’ll feel later in life after the decision is made but the truth is that no one has the same experience. Do your research and find out which decision is truly best for you.

Change perspective

Each woman has her respective reasons for making her decisions – whether she chooses to become a mother, place her child for adoption, or have an abortion. Some women go through life after abortion never fully having come to terms with it. But there are also many women who choose a perspective that allows her abortion to become an opportunity. When you find out that you are pregnant, life tends to flash before your eyes. How will things change? Is this something that I can handle right now? When the answers all add up to a choice that involves a termination, you are given the opportunity to restart and renew your life.

Talk about it

Because abortions tend to be a taboo subject for many people, it’s important to find an outlet to express your feelings about the experience. Whether you choose to confide in a friend, partner, family member, or through a support group, the fact that you have someone to go to can be a very powerful crutch. Find someone who is sympathetic to your experiences and is understanding of where your decision came from. Having the opportunity to openly discuss your feelings makes coping much easier.