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Choosing Abortion: Discussing your Decision with your Partner

An unplanned pregnancy is scary and nerve wracking. Whether you choose abortion, adoption or to keep the baby, there are many things to consider and discuss with your significant other. Especially when considering or planning an abortion, women have a hard time discussing the situation with their partners. While the choice to terminate a pregnancy is yours alone, talking to your significant other about it is important for maintaining a strong, positive relationship together.

When you choose to talk to your significant other about an abortion, be sure that you have enough time to thoroughly discuss everything. Your partner will probably have a lot of questions and thoughts, as well as bring up things that you have not considered yet. Be straightforward and honest when explaining the choice you plan to make, and most importantly stay calm and collected. Keep in mind that you are not the only one going through a difficult time. It is probably just as difficult for him to deal with this situation as it is for you. Give him the courtesy, respect, and time for him to process this information and to come to terms with your decision. In many ways, going through this with a partner rather than alone can be better for both of you. Hopefully you are in a positive relationship and you can help support and comfort each other.

Whether your significant other seems “ok” with the idea of having an abortion or not, give them time to think through all they have heard. After a day or so of thought, talk about it again to make sure you are both on the same page. Having an abortion is a difficult and painful choice to make, and it is important to get the support you need during this time. Visit a therapist together to continue sorting through your feelings both before and after the procedure to maintain a strong, open relationship.