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FAQ on Our Abortion Clinic of Orange County

Do you have protestors or picketers at your abortion clinic?

To date, we have not ever had any picketers or protestors. Our abortion clinic is in a medical building that sits far from the sidewalk. That means that it is in a large private lot, and picketers would not be allowed close to it even if they ever chose to show up.

How Can I End My Pregnancy?

There are two options for pregnancy termination. They are the surgical abortion procedure (dilation and curettage or dilation and evacuation), and the medical abortion pill (ru-486, mifeprex). They each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Our physician will give you the needed information and help guide you in making your final decision.

What is the cost of an abortion?

The costs include the consultation, ultrasound, blood work, and the abortion procedure and follow-up. The cost of the medical abortion pill is $500. The cost of the surgical abortion starts at $400 if you are under 9 weeks, and increases incrementally with advancing pregnancy age. Prices are subject to change without notice, and we encourage you to call us to obtain the most current pricing.

How late do you perform surgical abortions?

Surgical abortion is available at our center for up to 16 weeks of pregnancy. The earlier you come to us the better. The risks and the costs are lower with an earlier pregnancy as compared to one that is further along.

How late can I take the abortion pill (mifeprex, RU-486)?

The medical abortion pill ru486 is FDA approved for up to 7 weeks of pregnancy gestation, but can be taken up until 9 weeks of pregnancy. Again, the sooner you take the abortion pill the better with regard to effectiveness and risks.

What will I need to bring with me? Do you check ID?

Nothing. No documents or identification are required in order to obtain an abortion. We only ask for ID if you plan to pay for your services with a credit card.

Is my visit and my abortion confidential?

Absolutely. We do not share your information with anyone else without your prior consent. We are very sensitive to the private nature of an abortion, and will protect your information. You choose who knows and who does not know about your visit with us.

Will I need to bring my parent or guardian if I am under 18?

In California, if you are pregnant you do not need the permission of a parent or guardian to obtain medical care. You are welcome to bring a parent or family member, but you will not be turned away if you are under 18 and not accompanied by your parent.

Do you perform an ultrasound?

Yes, as part of your initial screening and consultation, an ultrasound is performed to determine the age of the pregnancy. The main reason for the ultrasound is to confirm how far you are into your pregnancy.

What kind of anesthesia do you provide?

The safest way to obtain a surgical abortion is under local anesthesia. General anesthesia (going to sleep) exposes you to added risks, and we perform abortions at our clinic only under local. If you choose, you will be given an oral sedative prior to the abortion.

How long does the abortion procedure take?

It depends on the age of the pregnancy. Generally, the surgical abortion takes only about 10-15 minutes. However, you will be given medications to prepare you for the abortion, which can take a couple of hours to take effect. Plan on being at our clinic for about 3 hours from start to finish.

Who performs the surgical abortion?

Abortions can only be legally performed by a licensed medical doctor. Our doctor is a board certified specialist in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology, with over 14 years of clinical practice and extensive experience in performing surgical abortions.

Are there risks to an abortion?

Yes, there are risks just like everything else in the practice of medicine. However, the likelihood of these risks occurring is very low; about 1%. We have a very good safety record at our medical center, due to our vast experience and expertise. In our experience, complication risks are less than 1%.

What do I wear the day of my abortion?

Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes, and bring extra feminine pads.

How long is the recovery?

Since there are no cuts that need to be healed, the recovery process is very quick. Plan on taking a couple of days off from work, but otherwise most people are able to resume routine activity within a day or two. There are, however, restrictions on exercise and heavy activity for 2-3 weeks.

How soon can I get an appointment?

We try to accommodate new patients in need of an abortion as soon as is possible. Sometimes, same-day appointments are possible. If not, we can usually get you in within 1-3 days. Call us at 714-966-9094 to schedule your confidential appointment with our trained staff.

Where are you located?

Our medical clinic is in Santa Ana. We provide abortion for women in Orange County as well as San Diego and Los Angeles County.