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Surgical Abortion

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In order to terminate a pregnancy, either the medical abortion pill must be taken or the procedure performed. Both of these options are offered at our clinic.

The abortion procedure involves physically removing the pregnancy. This is performed by first dilating the opening to the uterus, also known as the cervix. To aid the dilation, sometimes medications are given in order to soften the cervix.

After the cervix is dilated, a suction curette is introduced into the uterus. The pregnancy is then removed using suction.

The involvement and risks of the abortion procedure depend on the age of the pregnancy. The earlier the pregnancy, the less tissue there is to be removed. Therefore, the cervix does not need to be dilated as much, and risks of complications are usually less.

The dilation and curettage or surgical procedure does have certain advantages. It is done the same day as the visit, so the process can be finished in one day. Also, though nothing is 100% certain, the D and C offers a very high chance for the successful removal of the pregnancy. Its chance for failure is extremely low.

The surgical abortion carries with it the risks of possible infection, bleeding, or injury to the uterus or internal organs. However, the likelihood of such complications is very low. Our doctor specializes in abortions and is a board certified Ob / Gyn with 14 years of practice experience. This has meant that the complication rate at our clinic has been extremely low. Long standing experience with this procedure ensures a low chance for unexpected events.

In order to find out which option is best for you, please call us to schedule an appointment with our physician.