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Abortion Information

If you have an unplanned pregnancy, our abortion clinic located in Santa Ana, Orange County is here to help. Call us at (714) 966-9883 to schedule a consultation at our private doctor's office.

An unplanned pregnancy can be ended via the pill or by a surgical method. We offer both options. The abortion procedure can usually be performed the same day of the appointment, and takes only a few minutes. However, plan on being in the clinic for a couple of hours since preparations need to be made ahead of the actual termination.

Upon your arrival, you will meet with our physician specializing in family planning. An ultrasound will be performed to confirm the age of the pregnancy, followed by the consultation visit which will include a screening exam. Your choices will be reviewed and your questions will be answered. If you decide to proceed with the termination, medications will be given to you in preparation. The medications will include antibiotics to lower infection risk as well as an optional sedative.

Since general anesthesia poses additional risks, we perform surgical procedures here only under local anesthesia. The benefit of local anesthesia is a quicker recovery as well as greater safety.

The pregnancy is ended by first opening or dilating the cervix. The cervix is the opening to the uterus, which contains the pregnancy. The contents of the uterus are then evacuated using a suction device. This is the reason the process is referred to as a Dilation and Curettage, or D and C for short.

After a brief observation period after the dilation and curettage, you will be able to go home. You will need a follow up appointment in the next few weeks to ensure the success of the abortion.