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Abortion Rights For Women

As one of our first entries into this blog, we ought to express the reason for the existence of our abortion clinic. We have sought to establish a medical facility that preserves the right of women to choose what they wish to do if they become pregnant. Women’s rights to plan their lives is a fundamental human right, and we are proud to help uphold it.

A woman that becomes pregnant but does not plan to continue the pregnancy has resorted to an illegal abortion in the past, prior to Roe vs. Wade. Fortunately, in the last few decades that option has become legalized. For now, if a person wishes to terminate, she can do so with the help of a medical professional in a setting that is safe and legal. The alternative is the days when we saw coat hangers acting as surgical instruments, resulting in unnecessarily high risk of injury and death.

Even now with abortions being legal, many women find access to this needed service to be lacking. Many providers and health practitioners have a personal aversion to the subject and would turn patients away or discourage them from seeking an abortion. Just because a termination is legal does not necessarily make it accessible. This is the reason that many people that desperately need this service cannot easily obtain it, leading to lost time, which leads to a more advanced gestation, leading to higher costs and higher risks to the patient. Time is truly of the essence when it comes with dealing with a crisis pregnancy, and every week makes a difference in the ease and safety of the procedure. It is not acceptable to delay a pregnant person’s access to termination by weeks. However, this is exactly what we have witnessed over and over.

Our effort and pledge is to provide almost immediate and safe access to this service, usually within a few days. We have heard of people that enlisted the help of unlicensed individuals, resulting in very bad outcomes. There should be no reason for that, and we are here to help make sure that access to abortion is easy, safe, and timely.