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Is Abortion Covered By Insurance?

One of the biggest concerns for women when they find out they are pregnant is cost. Lots of thoughts race through your head: how much will having a baby cost? Can I afford to support a child? What are my other options? For some women, the cost of abortions can also be an issue. In comparison to raising a child, it is very affordable. However, in terms of surprise expenses it can cause a burden for unsuspecting women.

Abortion coverage for private healthcare

Unfortunately very few private insurances will cover some portion of abortions. Some recognize the importance of family planning. In states like California, Nevada, and Oregon, private insurances will occasionally cover a portion of procedures. However, in most (if not all) states, federal employees do not have insurance plans that cover abortion procedures. This will apply to you if you work for the federal government (postal workers, military, or are employed by a federal agency).

Not all states are as lucky as California. Due to issues raised by politicians across the country, some states have strong restrictions on what insurance is and is not allowed to cover. Through the ACLU website, you can find a list of states that provide support for insured family planning. States like Utah and Idaho have restrictions that prevent any women from having an insurance plan that covers abortion.

Abortion coverage under public healthcare

For those women who are insured under Obamacare, health insurance plans might cover some or all of the cost of elective abortions. However the details are complicated. States are not allowed to use federal tax credits and subsides to contribute to the cost of elective abortion.

The best policy here is to contact your abortion clinic and see how their policies align with your insurance coverage.